Sisterality photo contest – deadline extended

The Sisterality Italy Team is organizing an amazing photo exhibition about “Gender equality and the role of the women” that will be held in Cagliari, Italy.
You can participate by sharing with us your masterpieces about the 4 following topics:
1. Stereotypes in the work of the woman;
2. What does it mean to be a woman?
3. Women and sports;
4. The world from women’s eyes.
If you are interested in it, please send your pictures to
Here you can read about rules and conditions.

The rules and conditions for the Sisterality exhibition

The Sisterality photo exhibition is aimed to raise awareness and open a discussion about women’s role and gender equality. The exhibition is open to any photographer, amateur or professional who is at least 18 years of age. Anyone can apply to take part in the exhibition by sending their pictures
to, with the participation form signed, by the15.12.2017. 30th of November 2017 . The most representative pictures, that will be shown in the exhibition, will be chosen by the organizers. The exhibition will be held in Cagliari at the beginning of 2018, more details about the date and location will be given later.
The official languages of the exhibition are Italian and English. Anyone can participate with their pictures, the authors can be from any country without any restriction. Every participant is responsible for the type and subject of their photos and of what they declared in the participation

How to participate in the exhibition?
Send your pictures to with participation form signed (which you can find at this link  until the 15.12.2017.  30th of November 2017 at 1pm. One participant can send more than one picture. Pictures must respect the characteristics that you can find below.

The photos should follow these topics:
1 Stereotypes in the work of the woman
It is quite common to have stereotypes regarding some types of jobs more popular among different genders. Now you have the chance to show how some people destroy this stereotype.
2 What does it mean to be a woman?
In this topic we would like to see your vision of women and to show that there are no rules how you need to look like.
3 Women and sports
Women in sports and how they break stereotypes.
4 The world from women’s eyes
Here you can show us your creativity and show the world from the perspective of women.

Each picture must respect the following characteristics:
Format: .JPEG, .JPG
File size: Less than 20 MB per photo
Pixel number: At least 3,000 pixels in length (OR) over 500 MP (OR), the original photo size saved
with a high quality.
File name: surname_title (surname of the author, title of the picture)

If you want you can share the pictures on the social medias using #sisterality, to promote the exhibition.

For any question, please write to

If in the pictures there are people visible and recognizable, and that are not taken in public events, such as festivals, the author must provide the authorization for the reproduction, signed by the subjects appearing in the picture, or by those who has parental rights in case of a minor, with a valid copy of their ID. Without these documents the pictures will not be accepted. According to the Italian law D.Lgs. 196 del 30/6/2003 (Protection of personal data), by participating in the exhibition the authors allow: Associazione TDM 2000, Associazione TDM 2000 International, Udruga PaRiter, Psychosoziales Zentrum für Mädchen und junge Frauen – die Spinnerei, Erasmus+, and/or third parties, to treat their personal data, and their use for the reasons connected to the exhibition and the association. In accordance with the copyright agreement, the exhibition organizer may use the submitted entries without payment of royalties, and publicly distribute the photo, who took part in the exhibition. By sending the pictures, the author gives to: Associazione TDM 2000, Associazione TDM 2000 International, Udruga Pariter, Psychosoziales Zentrum für Mädchen und junge Frauen – die Spinnerei, Erasmus+, and/or any third party selected by the organizer, the right to publish the pictures in any website, publications, catalogues with the purpose of promoting the event, the Sisterality project and photography, as well as to freely use those pictures for publications, websites, media storage and in any case they consider it necessary. In any case for non-profit purposes, and showing the name of the author and of the represented pictures. The rules require that any photograph that the participants submit must be their own original work and otherwise free from third-party copyright restrictions. The participants are responsible of any third-party copyright infringement. The organizers will not be considered responsible from any request send by third parties regarding the ownership of copyrights of the pictures, as well as the violation of the rights of the people appearing in the pictures and any other right connected to the pictures.

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