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During September  participants of ‘Sisterality’ project from Italy, Austria and Croatia are joining  the forces and carring out #sextiles action (in Croatia aka #znatelištosunamrekli?). The main goal of this action is to rise awareness about constant sexism and discrimination that women face on labor market and in every day life.

It is not rare that we hear statements which are discriminating or underminig women:

“You do a really good job for a woman”, “This is not a job for females” We won’t hire you because you are woman (despite your excellent results)”.

In this action we are collecting this and simmilar sexist statements and situtions in which women are facing gender based discrimination on labor market and everyday life. We are transfering those statements and messages on t-shirts, and therefrore the name #sextiles came perfectly.

We want to rise awarenes that women are in the position that they are less paid, have smaller chance to get promotion, or to be in leading positions despite their skills. This is deeply rooted in our society and media are also important in picturing roles for women. For example women decision makers, government members, women politicians are often represented in articles through fashion, judged what they wear, how they look like and not how they are doing their job.

Althought different countries and different realities, we all face simmilar problems and therefore we are acting together on transnational level to address this problem.  For example in Croatia 57% of women are asked on job interview if they are planing family or if they have children (Reproductive rights and career). Acording to Eurostat in Italy there is gender pay gap of 5,5%, that is women are erning less than men. Percentage of women in the Work Force in Austria: 46,8%, in 200 biggest businesses only 15,8% Proxies, management only 7,2%, CEOs just 3,6%. According to Women Management Report 2017. In all countries women are mainly in field of work that is caring for others (child care, care for elderly, etc.).

It is important to work on this problem of sexism and disscrimination of women in order to make change. We invite you to join our action, follow us on social networks and together we can make a difference. If you want to join this action and get your #sextile t-shirt,  you can contact Austrian, Italian or Croatian team.

In Croatia there will be on 24th November action in public place in city Rijeka. Citizens will create their own t-shirts with messages which we collected from women.

You can follow action on social media:

Sisterality Italia (Italy)

Mumushi FB  Instagram (Austria)

Radno i ravnopravno (Croatia)


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