L’ira di Genere – Gender rage

The Sisterality Italy team took part in the conference “L’ira di genere – Violenza di genere tra letteratura e società” (Gender rage – Gender based violence between literature and society), organized by  Associazione Ingroup and La Valigia del Narratore, and held in Hostel Marina, Cagliari, on the 12th of September.

The name of the conference comes from the title of a book written by Piergiorgio Pulixi, which is aimed to discuss and denounce the unhealthy love, the sick love. The novel “L’Ira di Venere” (Venus rage) is composed of 20 short stories that have women as main characters. Through several interviews, the writer of the book collected the stories of many women that have suffered from gender based violence, and, in this way, he managed to give life to a book that sees the world from the perspective of a woman.

During the meeting, the phenomenon of femicide was analysed from the judicial and psychological point of view by the psychologist Renato Troffa and by the penal lawyer Fabio Varone.

Since the topic was of great importance, a strong debate with the public immediately started, and, through a discussion with the speakers, the public tried to find a cause and a solution to this brutal phenomenon that femicide is. As the psychologist Renato Troffa said during the event: “we tend to focus on the rotten apple, forgetting that around it there is a basket full of rotten apples”. With this statement he wanted to underline that the roots of the problem reside in the culture that come from a disbalance in the social power.

Do not let the gender based violence have silence as an answer, but, instead, talk and discuss about the problem. Do not be audience, be active citizens.

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