Women will wait 217 years for pay gap to close, WEF says

Gender parity ‘shifting into reverse’ as World Economic Forum adds 47 years to time needed to reach workplace equality  Saadia Zahidi of the WEF said gender equality was ‘both a moral and economic imperative’. Photograph: Joe Giddens/PA Women around the globe may have to wait more than two centuries to achieve equality in the workplace, according […]

Join the Sisterality photo exibition

Deadline extended to 15.12.2017. The Sisterality Italy Team is organizing an amazing photo exhibition about “Gender equality and the role of the women” that will be held in Cagliari, Italy. You can participate by sharing with us your masterpieces about the 4 following topics: 1. Stereotypes in the work of the woman; 2. What does it […]

Today is International day of the girl child

Today, on 11th October, we celebrate International day of the girl child. Aim is to rise awareness of public about gender based discrimination which influences girls. From childhood we are learning gender roles which later have great influence on our choice of profession and work. It is necessary to create environment for girls, and later […]

The kick-off meeting in Croatia – Italian team

From the 7 th until the 11 th of September, Claudia, Marina, Mariachiara, Federica and Carla took part in a meeting with the other participants from Croatia and Austria. We met in Fužine, a small village near Rijeka, in Croatia, the perfect location to give a great kick-off to our Sisterality project. The purpose of […]

Why we initiated a project ‘Sisterality’

The project name ‘Sisterality’ is a mix between Sister and Solidarity and leads already to the purpose of the youth initiative. We want to create an international network of girls and young women to promote their employability, to encourage you for labor mobility and to create awareness about the topic “gender-inequality on the labor market”. […]