Different pay for Equal work – The reasons for gender-based wage discrimination

Closing the gender pay gap is still a challenge for EU. The gender wage gap is caused by a number of correlated factors and it still exists today due to wider gender inequalities across the society and the economy. In this article we will try to give you a general overview about the complex causes […]

Entrepreneurship and Women

In all the European countries in the last years the theme of family-work reconciliation is at the center of the debate. There is a lack of  benefits for women that are mothers and in addition often do not exist the proper facilities to help them to combine work and private life. To be a mother in a […]

The Gender-neutral Language

Language shapes our world   Since we work on daily basis in an international environment we often discuss about our cultures and languages differences. We noticed that a lot of languages have some common problem related with using gender in everyday speaking. If words and expressions that mean that women or men are lower are […]

The Gender Equality Index

Gender equality is one of the European Union’s founding values, dating back to 1957. Women have achieved successes, but they have not yet gained gender equity. The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) has developed the tool which helps to measure the progress of gender equality and they named it the Gender Equality Index. The […]

Movie evening: Lunàdigas

On the 12.12.2017. at 18.30 in city of Cagliari, at hostel Marina,  Sisterality team from Italy is inviting you to join movie evening and to watch the documentary “Lunàdigas” created by Marilisa Piga and Nicoletta Nesler. Lunàdigas is a word of the Sardinian language used by shepherds to define the sheep that in some seasons do not reproduce. […]

Sisterality photo contest – deadline extended

The Sisterality Italy Team is organizing an amazing photo exhibition about “Gender equality and the role of the women” that will be held in Cagliari, Italy. You can participate by sharing with us your masterpieces about the 4 following topics: 1. Stereotypes in the work of the woman; 2. What does it mean to be a […]

Join the #sextiles action

During September  participants of ‘Sisterality’ project from Italy, Austria and Croatia are joining  the forces and carring out #sextiles action (in Croatia aka #znatelištosunamrekli?). The main goal of this action is to rise awareness about constant sexism and discrimination that women face on labor market and in every day life. It is not rare that […]

L’ira di Genere – Gender rage

The Sisterality Italy team took part in the conference “L’ira di genere – Violenza di genere tra letteratura e società” (Gender rage – Gender based violence between literature and society), organized by  Associazione Ingroup and La Valigia del Narratore, and held in Hostel Marina, Cagliari, on the 12th of September. The name of the conference […]